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Pete has been an active participant in the Valley Shore YMCA’s Delay The Disease program for people with Parkinson’s Disease. As a former accountant with an active
mind and an involved grandfather who treasures his family, Pete finally decided not to take his diagnosis passively. He made one of his primary goals to be the return of his ability to play catch with a baseball, so that he could play with his grandson. After 11 months in the program, Pete can now play catch, and he is progressing in his golfing abilities again.

Pete from Valley Shore YMCA

“Entering a new school district, I knew that I had to make friends and get accustomed with the new town I was moving to. Switching from a private Catholic school to a public high school was a big change, but playing YMCA basketball made it much easier for me. I knew that the YMCA preached inclusiveness and kindness, but I didn’t know that playing basketball at the YMCA would help me learn leadership skills and make friendships that I would carry for the rest of my life.”

Lucy from New Canaan YMCA

“My summer was filled with excitement. The most fun I had was the time I spent at the Wilton Family YMCA. I am a stronger swimmer because of my summer at the Wilton Family YMCA. I was afraid to swim in deep water, but after weeks of lessons, I am much better than before! When I get older I want to be a lifeguard so that I can help other kids learn how to swim. Most importantly, I can help someone if they are struggling in the water. I enjoyed the fun times in the pool and can’t wait for Carver Camp to start next summer so that I can continue to swim at the Wilton Family YMCA.”

Jordan from the Wilton Family YMCA

“I have had my two boys enrolled in the Downtown Y’s Footlights Performing Arts & Education Program for the past two years. I call it the Footlights Family Program because of the way my kids are treated here.At Footlights, our children are not just here to take martial arts, dance, art or drum classes. The staff here at Footlights are very engaged with our children. They follow them academically, making sure their homework is done, ask for their report card in order to give them the support and help needed, and provide them with a healthy snack.”

Stella from the Greater Hartford YMCA

Thank you to Rep. David Arconti for visiting with the Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut's Race4Chase campers and Rep. Stephen Harding for visiting Camp Greenknoll this week. #yadvocates


Thank you to Sen. Will Haskell, Rep. Stephanie Thomas and Sen. Murphy's office for visiting Camp Gordyland at the Wilton Y yesterday.

Thank you to Sen. Bob Duff, Rep. Lucy Dathan and Rep. Stephanie Thomas for visiting the Norwalk Ys Race For Chase camp yesterday. #yadvocates

I joined @ChrisMurphyCT & @rosadelauro at @newhavenymca to spread the word about the #ChildTaxCredit. These payments will boost family incomes & lift millions of kids out of poverty. I’ll keep fighting for a tax code that helps CT families build stable, secure financial futures.

The expanded child tax credit is lifting millions of families out of poverty and the money is going straight into the economy to help create more jobs. An amazing virtuous cycle.

Proud to join @rosadelauro @SenBlumenthal at the New Haven YMCA this morning to get the word out.

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See what a YMCA Before and After School Program can do for your school and your students…

At the Y, strengthening communities is our cause

As a charitable organization, YMCAs across Connecticut exist to strengthen communities through they work they do every day with thousands of men, women and children to ensure everyone – regardless of age, gender, income or background – has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

The CT Alliance of YMCAs is comprised of 21 YMCAs (including 36 branches and over 193 programs sites), each volunteer lead, and a powerful advocate for the needs of the children, families and individuals in communities throughout Connecticut. 


In 2019, YMCAs across Connecticut provided over $10 million dollars in financial assistance to support youth, adults and families who choose to participate in YMCA programs that promote Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility.

Through 21 Ys, 36 branches, and over 193 program sites, the impact on communities in Connecticut is enhances through:

    Nurturing the potential of every child and teen 
    Improving the nations’ health and well-being
    Giving back and providing support to our neighbors


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